«Big Family Export and Import Company» (Ukraine) is part of the corporation, which includes the Bulgarian company OS TRADE code 206555936 (Bulgaria, Burgas, pk 8000 residential complex “Lazur” 17/2 apt. 5) and LLC «Golden Gate Distribution» (Ukraine). Information on the activities of the corporation: – Big Femeli Export-Import Company is a supplier of soft drinks and food products that have quality certificates and currently supplies Coca-Cola products to the European Union. It is planned to conclude a number of agreements and start selling sunflower oil with PJSC «POLOGIVSKY SEZ» (code 00384147) and others.
     – The main partners in Europe are «EKOITPOL» Sp.z o.o. NIP 5213877474, Cypriot company «K.A PECASUPPLIERS LTD», «SLOVKAZ investments» s.r.o., SASU «TERRITORY INVEST» ( France), SASU «ABK DISTRIBUTION» (France). At the moment, contracts have been signed with the above-mentioned companies and an expert on Coca Cola products has been established.
    – Golden Gate Distribution LLC is a distributor of Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine Limited (USREOU code 21651322), which since February 2021 has been exclusively selling original Coca-Cola delicacies inside the corporation to EIP Big Fe LLC “, Which provides a range of services for customs clearance and docking, storage and loading of goods into trucking or containers for shipping.